Thursday, February 20, 2014

Footage Saturn's Aurora's Spark Up......Whose Ya Daddy! | Space

Signs Of The Approach Of Planet-X In Our Times
Lets compare the symptoms today on ground that we are noticing that match the signs of the approach of Planet-X.
Even though mankind will be caught off guard (in general) with the approach and the signs of Planet-X, but it is my humble attempt to do my duty of propagating this message to as many as I possibly can. I truly hope you wouldn’t dismiss this as a conspiracy theory, even though there is no shortage of them in these times we are living today. 
There is so much happening on local levels around the globe that doesn’t always make it to the mainstream news, and which does not have adequate explanation by the experts. Monstrous permanent flooding due to loss of elevation, low-level-tsunamis, huge unexplained sinkholes, slow but progressive sinking of certain lands at the junctions of tectonic plates and in other areas, wild fires on proportions unheard of before, increased meteorites striking earth, severe weather storms, strange volcanic plumes emissions, sub-oceanic eruptions & sinking, animals in huge numbers dying mysteriously, lakes/ponds turning red, streams vanishing, mystery illnesses, frequency of the earthquakes sky rocketing, sub surface seismicity patterns changing, sky roaring (sky quakes), mysterious shaking of entire towns, birds falling off the sky in certain areas, wobble in the earth’s magnetic field and jet stream throwing off seasons, sloshing oceans, temperature extremes, underground infrastructure breaking, and so much more. All of this is related to the gravity pull, electrical/magnetic interference of this (elusive) dwarf-star/Planet-X on our planet earth as it makes its round around the Solar system. All other planets in the Solar system are experiencing similar violent atmospheric phenomenon and heating up of their cores. If you are waiting for NASA to verify the above, then you may skip the remainder of the email until such time. I personally recognize that we are living in the times where we are deep in the hole of the lizard, and have followed other nations step by step just as prophesied.
Published on Feb 19, 2014
Saturn’s Auroras Glow in 360-Degree Views from NASA Spacecraft (Photos, Video):…




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