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California Crop Circle Decoded! | Strange

California Crop Circle Decoded! 

A farmer in the Salinas Valley in California woke up on Sunday morning to find a giant crop circle in his field.
The huge pattern was created by flattening some of crops in the field over the weekend. The circle was reported by two friends, who reportedly saw a couple of flashes of light before dawn on Sunday morning.
Security guards are keeping a close watch on the field and people are not allowed to enter to take a closer look.
No one has yet claimed responsibility for creating the crop circles near Monterey but they are attracting a lot of attention.
The intricate and digital-looking pattern covers about an acre of the field.
Published on Dec 31, 2013
Reports of a “Mystery” crop circle in Salinas California surfaced on Monday! Is it an elaborate hoax created by bored teenagers or a real message from beyond? What does it mean? My interpretation of what’s all the “to do” with this strange and entertaining impression! 192
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